Ms Josephine Miliza

Africa Policy Coordinator - KICTANET

Josephine Miliza is digital inclusion and community networks champion passionate about supporting communities to build resilient and scalable bottom-up connectivity models. She is among the pioneers of the community network movement in Africa and has co-founded TunapandaNET a community network in Kibera, Nairobi Kenya. Josephine serves as Africa policy coordinator for the Association of Progressive Communications-LOCNET project regionally coordinated by the Kenya ICT Action Network in Nairobi Kenya. This project aims to contribute to an enabling ecosystem for the emergence and growth of community networks and other community-based connectivity initiatives in the global south. Josephine is actively involved in promoting the community networks movement in Africa participating in organizing the Africa community networks summit, awareness building, capacity building and policy advocacy forums. Her current interests are in bottom-up sustainable connectivity models and creative approaches to an enabling environment that fosters resilience and innovation for communities in Africa.